Treasured Site Awards
Building our web site was quite exhausting, but these
awards make it all worthwhile!  Thank-you all!
We were thrilled to receive
our first award!  Thanks
Pinkie, Tottsky, Minnie
Mouser, Charlie, Anne &
Thank-you Zoo Community Leaders for this prestigious award!
We are pleased to
receive this award from
a fellow tuxedo kitty!
Our Rainbow Bridge page
is special to us, so too
is this award!
(Awards are linked to presenter's site)
We accept this
special award
from Hope with
great pride!
Helping strays is very
important to us, so this
award is very meaningful!
We feel this award is as
beautiful as the
creatures it
represents.  We will
cherish it always.
We thank Darle for this warm,
fuzzy award.  We reach out to
as many kitties as we can,
just like this cute fellow is
We are delighted to display
this adorable award.
Thanks LuvKittys!!
We were pleased that Chloe
liked our site, and accept her
award with pride!
Molly has followed in the
footsteps of Mimi and Muffin
and created this beautiful
award, and we are pleased she
has chosen to give one to us!

Of Cats
If everyone could live by
what this award stands for,
there would be far less
homeless kitties in the world.
Thank-you Darlene & Kitties
at Cats and More for this
cute award.  We are very
happy you liked our site!
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