Mommy & Daddy's First Purr
Babies, Mouse & Mittens
Mouse and Mittens have made the journey to Rainbow Bridge.  Mittens was
fourteen years old when she journeyed in 1990.  Mouse joined her at age
twenty in 1996.

I didn't have the pleasure of knowing Mittens, but I joined the family
shortly before Mouse passed to the bridge.  Because Mouse was so old and had
been "the little king" of the family for so long, he tried to make like he
was cranky, but I could tell he had a heart of gold.

Mommy has told me all about Mouse and Mittens.  Mouse was found through an ad
in the newspaper, "free six week old kittens."  This was to be mommy and
daddy's first pet and mommy wanted a long haired white kitten.  As you can
see, Mouse was a short haired black kitty, just the opposite of what Mommy
had in mind.  When his little face looked up out of the cardboard box, and
his loud voice filled the room, mommy could not resist him.

Daddy said only one pet, but shortly after Mouse came home, Mittens, a stray,
found her way to the front porch.  She was just Mouse's size.  They bonded
and the bond could not be broken.  They were inseparable for all of Mittens'
life.  They had many great adventures through the years.

They were the only two kitties until Mickey came along in 1990 after Mittens
became ill.  Mommy and daddy thought that Mouse would need a friend after
Mittens traveled to the Bridge.  Mickey told me that while Mittens was ill
Mouse would lie beside her with his arm around her giving her as much comfort
as he could.  Mouse told me that no other kitty could ever take her place.  
All of us knew that we were company for Mouse, but could never be his best
friend like Mittens had been.  When he passed on we knew he would be happy
because he would finally be with his one true companion.      
My Feline Familia
Does he know he brings me laughter
With his silly idiosyncrasies
Giving pleasure when least expected
In such delightful, jovial ways?

Does he know he brings me mystery
In his puzzling stares at cryptic places
Are they fantasies of prey caught boldy
Or just indifferences in his gazes?

Does he know he is a comfort
When life's adversities cause pain?
That he is my haven in times of need
Whether I be right or much to blame?

Does he know he has the power
To break a human's heart
When life's journey calls him to another realm
And from here he must depart?

Yes, I think he knows these things and more
For love need not be spoken
It's shown in the ways we care for another
That build a bond unbroken.

So I will go on giving him
My love for as long as he's here
For he is indeed part of my soul
My familiar, extraordinaire.

By: Karen Del Tufo
Departed Friends
A grave no matter where the spot
Is nothing but an empty plot
The essence of our friends is gone
But in our hearts it lingers on
We've golden memories to share
In which we always find them there
That wagging tail, those loving eyes
A kitty kiss with purrs and sighs
Shared moments of a special kind
Each one lives within our mind.

There is no end to love, you know
Once given it can only grow
And they still care just as before
But now it's from a golden shore
Where they are free and in their prime
Just waiting for that future time
When they will claim us, wait and see
But this time FOR ETERNITY
And until then they're safe above
In their new home with God to love.

By: Ruth Taylor
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Mouse & Mittens' Story
as told by their sister