Simba Thumbelina Cricket was born on April 1, 1991 at a dairy not far from
our home.  The lady there knew my humans wanted a part Siamese kitten, and
when Simba & her brother were born she called meowmie to ask if she wanted
the girl from the litter.  Meowmie said yes, and wondered how she would wait
six long weeks to be able to adopt Simba because she was so excited!  After two
weeks my parents went to see Simba because her eyes had opened, and fell in
love with her, and again, wondered how they would wait four more weeks to
adopt her!

When the day finally came they were very happy to have Simba join the family
which consisted of only two other kitties at that time, my sisfur Mickey who
was one year old, and my brofur Mouse who was 15.  Simba was very sweet
and happy, although she had some allergies with her eyes and nose for awhile
when she was a baby, but she outgrew that and was very healthy till she was
diagnosed with hyperthyroidism when she was 13 years old.

Simba fit right into the family, and after a couple days Mickey stopped hissing
and started to take Simba under her wing, and maybe thought she was her
baby.  Mouse would watch the two from a distance.  They kept him very
entertained.  Mickey taught little Simba many things, how to hunt birds for one,
but for many years Simba would not harm any birds.  If she saw a bird that
Mickey had caught she would just look at it, and not try and hurt it. The first
time Mickey presented Simba with a bird Simba had no idea what to do, but she
understood that it was some sort of trophy because she took it in her mouth and
trotted around a big circle in the yard as proud as she could be!  When she got
tired, she put the bird down and never tried to eat it.

As Simba's personality grew she became the boss of our house, almost talking
to my parents and telling them and all us kitties what to do.  Between her purrs,
meows and chirps she got her point across.  Over the years five other kitties
came to live here, me included.  Simba was 4 years old when I came to live
here and she welcomed me and never acted cross even at first!  Simba loved
everyone and everything.  Simba hated it if she ever heard anyone get upset and
would hide under the bed until things calmed down.  Simba liked to supervise
things my parents did.  One time when my daddy human had pruned the trees
and had the limbs stacked up and was moving them from one part of the yard to
the other, Simba stayed out for hours with him trotting back and forth as he
moved all the limbs.

We have a special cat proof fence around our kingdom, and one time to my
parents surprise, Simba jumped from a tree to the top of the patio roof!  Up
until then, none of the other kitties had ever attempted that, or escaped from the
kingdom for that matter.  Daddy ended up having to cut the tree back several
feet to stop Simba from escaping.  She really wasn't trying to escape, just

Simba's favorite things to do were eating and being brushed.  Besides her cat
food, she loved to steal daddy's Honey Nut Cheerios in the morning, and to lick
his plate after he'd had syrup.  She liked to get up in the morning with daddy.  
As soon as the alarm went off she was on the bed purring loudly to let him
know it was time to get up.

She insisted on being brushed at least a couple times a day, more if she could
get it.  She would park herself at meowmies bathroom, either in the room or just
outside it, and ask to be brushed each time my parents walked by.  She could
never get enough brushing!  At times they thought they would make her go bald
with all the brushing because she was short haired to begin with.

Simba loved to carry her toys around especially during the night, and meowmie
would often find them in the bathroom, Simba's favorite room.

Another of Simba's favorite things was getting her picture taken, and she liked
to be dressed up and to pose.  She'd wear Halloween costumes and take great
pleasure in having a fuss made over her.

The habitat has lost its ray of sunshine, and we are very grateful to have had her
here with us for the years that we did.
April 1, 1991 - May 21, 2005
Simba at six weeks old with
Mickey looking on from the
Simba and Pepe during play time
Simba loved being pampered by
her older sister and best friend
Simba's Story
as told by her sister