Mickey Zanzibar Kimberly was born on or about March 14, 1990 at a
dairy not far from our home.   When my parents went to look at the
litters of kittens on April 14, the lady said she was a month old, so
meowmie set her birthdate at March 14.
 It was the day before Easter that year when Mickey was adopted,
and many names were considered, some having to do with
Easter/Spring.  "Mickey" was settled upon because there was one
other cat in the household at the time, named Mouse, and Mickey
seemed to go well with Mouse, plus meowmie thought Mickey fit her.  
In the following years she was given nicknames and was called
Kimberly a lot, or Kim/Kimmy.  "Little Sir" and "Sir Mickey" were also
two of her nicknames, don't ask meowmie why.
 On the day my parents went to the dairy to pick a kitten out, there
were many to choose from, and meowmie picked Mickey because her
eyes were the bluest she'd ever seen.  She was only a month old and
so tiny, but the lady said she had been eating canned food already and
was ready to go to her new home.  Meowmie was apprehensive to take
such a tiny kitten, so the lady opened a can of Fancy Feast to show
meowmie how well Mickey could eat, and eat she did, and they brought
her home.  A "nursery" was made in daddy's bathroom with a stuffed
kitty for Mickey so she would think she was still with her litter
mates.  My parents were afraid they might squish Mickey during the
night, so she stayed in the nursery for awhile.
 She was extremely playful, and Mouse was a teenager and was not
impressed with her activity level, so she had no one to play with.  As
she grew, she would tackle my parent's ankles, hands, whatever part
was handy.  When Mickey was near a year old my parents decided she
needed a playmate, someone closer to her age, because all Mouse
liked to do was watch her antics from a distance, so they adopted
another kitten from the dairy, Simba.  Mickey loved Simba almost
from the first, and maybe thought she was her baby.  This gave her an
outlet for her playfulness and she no longer attacked my parents,
rather took out her energy on Simba.  From what I'm told, I think she
thought Simba was her own personal squeak toy.
 I was adopted when Mickey was 5 years old.  There wasn't much
upset in the household when I joined.  Maybe Mickey & Simba thought
I was one of their sisters from the backyard so they didn't take
much notice.  I stayed mainly in the house with Mickey & Simba, while
my other 4 brothers/sisters stayed out in the safe yard.  The three
of us were allowed to go outside when we wanted but we all
preferred the house most of the time.
 Mickey was the great hunter of the household.  She loved to hunt
birds, and in her youth could jump five feet high and grab a bird out
of the hanging bird bath!  She also liked moths and any other moving
creature.  One night she was after a moth in the house and it went into
a ceiling light.  Daddy was trying to get it out and was reaching with his
two arms up, had no shirt on, and all of a sudden Mickey jumped up to
his chest trying to get that moth.  It was a shock to daddy, and
meowmie couldn't stop laughing.
 Mickey was very active and playful even up until the last couple
months of her life.  She would run up and down the hall, and onto the
couch with her eyes blazing.  She sounded like an elephant at times
with her running.  Her favorite toy was a crumpled up piece of paper
and the tunnel of love.   
 Before Simba went to the bridge, Mickey would snuggle and nap with
her much of the time, and they'd wash one another.  After Simba was
gone, Mickey liked to sleep on the padded dining room chairs in the
winter with a jacket hung on the back making a little fort, or in a
slipper bed she received for Christmas.  In the summer she simply
liked the carpeted floor the best.
 Mickey loved water and was fascinated by the sprinklers or hose
running in the backyard, and the bathtub, and whenever meowmie
would fill the water bowls she would run to stick her nose right there
to try and drink from the container meowmie was using for filling the
bowls.  She didn't mind getting wet at all.
 Mickey had an odd way to eat.  She didn't' chew her dry food, just
swallowed it.  She ate that way since she was a kitten.  The vet
couldn't find anything wrong with her teeth to make her not crunch it
up.  When it was just Mickey and me after Simba was gone, my
parents could always tell which of us was eating during the night
because of the chewing, or lack of.
 Thunder scared Mickey terribly and when it would storm she would
pace and pant and it was hard for meowmie to console her.  After she
got older, 14 or so, she lost a lot of her hearing and thunder didn't
bother her at all, and neither did noise on the roof when daddy would
work up there, and at about this time she also was not bothered by
strangers coming to the house and would even go up to them to be
petted, where before, she was like the rest of us and would hide
from strangers.
 Mickey liked to be brushed and had a beautiful coat, and meowmie
loved seeing her draped over the furniture napping.  Her presence
was very calming to my parents.
 Mickey was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism at age 15 and had to
take medication for the past two years.  She never fussed about it,
took it very well.  She was a sweet, laid back kitty and the habitat
feels the emptiness now that she is gone.  We know she is now
reunited with her little buddy Simba though, and it must have been a
wonderful reunion on that day!
March 14, 1990---July 2, 2007
Mickey at four weeks
Mickey at six weeks
Mickey loved to relax with her favorite lounge mate,
Mickey lounged alone after Simba passed
Mickey's Story
as told by her sister