May 4, 1994--July 1, 2008
Witchiepoo, six weeks old

Witchiepoo (also known as Witchie, Witchlet, Pooh Bear and
Grey Poupon) was born in meowmie's mother's backyard on
May 4, 1994.  She had a sister and brother who are still living
here at the habitat.
* The mother of the three kittens was a
stray Siamese who was not very tame, so about a week or two
after having her babies, she decided to move them, and
picked a kingdom two houses up the street from where they
had been born, and hid them in a wood pile.  Meowmie was
upset because she knew her mother's backyard was far
safer, so she kept an eye on the family by watching the
mother cat's actions (she was still eating her meals at
meowmie's mother's.)  Meowmie would see her eat and then
go up to be with her kittens in the wood pile.  Meowmie
informed the man at the castle that they were there and that
she would take them when they got a bit older.  Meowmie was
nervous that the mother Siamese (who was named Siam)
might decide to move her family again, so she didn't wait too
many weeks before deciding to go "steal" them.

One day while Siam was eating one of her meals, meowmie and
daddy went up to the wood pile with a kitty carrier and got
the kittens into it.  They were in a small confined area and
were only about 4-5 weeks old, so they weren't hard to
catch, however, Witchiepoo was very upset, and hissed and
spit at meowmie and daddy thinking she needed to protect
herself and brother and sister from humans.  She behaved
like a little witch and that's how she got her name.  When the
kittens were placed back in their original birthplace and saw
their mother was there, Witchiepoo felt much much better.  
Siam accepted the fact that they were there, maybe partly
because there is a high fence around the kingdom and the
kittens were now a bit too big to jump with and take away in
her mouth.  So, the family settled in and in a few weeks the
kittens came to live at the happy habitat while Siam remained
with meowmie's mother.  The other two kittens were named
Danny Boy & Tinkerbell.  They were all a year old before I
came to live here.  When I came here Witchiepoo lived up to
her name and acted like a witch towards me at first, but
after awhile she left me alone.

Even though Siam was not a feral, she was very untrusting.  It
took quite a few months to get her tame enough to pick up,
etc.  She instilled this fear into her kittens, especially
Witchiepoo, who preferred to be off by herself in the
kingdom.  She didn't care for petting or interaction, however
in her later years she warmed up to my meowmie and daddy
some and would run out to let them pet her.  Each morning
and evening when meowmie would be tending to the kitty
chores, Witchiepoo would run out of her favorite bush and lie
in a certain spot on the ground, and ask to be petted.  She
also loved to be brushed.  If any of the other kitties came
around her during this time she would lash out and demand
her own private time.  Her purr was very faint but was there
at special times.  Sometimes meowmie would pick her up but
Witchiepoo would stiffen up and be uncertain if she really
liked that.

Witchiepoo was a very good hunter and caught many birds in
her lifetime.  She was very fast and meowmie and daddy
joked that she was going quickly, quickly on her broomstick.  
She loved to lie in the tree on the perches and rest under the
bushes.  She was always very healthy during her life so it was
a shock when at age 14, she suddenly started having a
problem in her mouth and a fast growing tumor was
discovered under her tongue area.

Witchiepoo is buried in the kingdom near the purr babies who
have gone to rainbow bridge before her.

* Danny Boy joined Witchiepoo at the bridge on 10-19-09.
Witchiepoo's Story
as told by her sister