Danny Boy was born in meowmie's mother's backyard along with two
sisters.  Their mother was a Siamese stray that my humans had been
feeding and had named Siam.  At the time they began feeding Siam,
they hadn't realized she was expecting.  What a surprise they had
when she gave birth to her little of kittens!  Siam wasn't very tame,
and moved the little family out of the safety of the backyard when
they were about a week or two old.  Meowmie happened to be
watching on the day the move was made, so knew where Siam had
taken them.  She took each kitten one at a time.

Danny Boy was the last to go and it seemed to take hours before Siam
returned for him.  The day was dull and grey with the threat of rain.  
My humans kept close watch over Danny Boy as he waited by a bush in
the backyard, ready to offer him shelter should it begin to rain.  Siam
must have had to feed and wash each of Danny's sisters as she got
them to their new nest, but finally she returned for Danny and he was
so happy to see his mother!  He rubbed all over her.  She picked him
up by the neck and off they went.

My humans were very disappointed that Siam hadn't seen fit to leave
her family in the safety of meowmie's mother's backyard, but let her
have her way, all the while knowing they would keep watch and
hopefully the day would come when they would return.  Siam was still
eating her meals at meowmie's mother's.  When a few weeks had
passed, the humans decided to take matters into their own hands, and
took the kittens from the wood pile where they had been living, and
brought them back to meowmie's mother's backyard.  Siam was there
eating at the time so was able to welcome her babies when my humans
delivered them.  The kittens felt a lot better when they saw her,
having been snatched out of their nest in the wood pile.  The yard was
much better for the family and Siam accepted this and they all lived
happily there until the kittens grew big enough to begin climbing the
high wall surrounding the yard.

At that point the kittens came to live at the happy habitat while Siam
remained with meowmie's mother.  Danny's sisters were named
Witchiepoo and Tinkerbell.  Witchiepoo crossed in 2008, and
Tinkerbell is still living at the habitat.                

It took the humans a long time to name Danny Boy.  At first they called
him "Boxer" because of his extra toes.  The name didn't seem to fit
him though - too rough and tough for his meek personality.  They tried
to think of other names that would showcase his toes, "Snowshoe"
being one, but nothing seemed to work.  Finally "Danny Boy" was
chosen even though it had nothing to do with his paws - it just fit.  
Besides Danny Boy, he was called Danny and Daniel.  He was a sweet,
gentle giant.  A giant because of how long and tall he was, but he was
never overweight at all, always very lean.

He only ever had one mishap in his 15 + years of living with us and that
was when a neighborhood cat came into the kingdom over the cat proof
fence.  Danny Boy wasn't a fighter so the humans figured it must have
jumped down near him and a big fight ensued.  Danny Boy ended up
with an abscess right on his forehead and had to visit the vet.  His
wound reminded us of a unicorn who'd had the horn yanked off.  That
was Danny Boy's one and only fight.  After that, on the rare occasion a
cat got into the kingdom, he would stay far away, not wanting a repeat
of his earlier episode.  He liked to mind his own business and avoid

Danny Boy had a unique way of eating and that was to take a huge
mouth full of dry food all at once.  Usually he'd then drop it in front of
himself and eat from his pile, but sometimes he'd eat a big mouth full
at once.  Daddy called him a steam shovel when he'd eat.

Danny Boy enjoyed resting on a perch in the tree, and up until his last
couple of months of life, was able to lounge there.

He is buried in the kingdom next to his sister and the other purr
babies who have gone before him.

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Witchiepoo's memorial page.

Danny Boy
May 4, 1994 - October 19, 2009
Danny Boy's Story
as told by his sister
Danny Boy six weeks old