Tinkerbell was born in a litter of three.  She had one brother, Danny
Boy, and one sister, Witchiepoo, who crossed before her.  Tinkerbell
took after their mother, a pretty Siamese named Siam.  Tinkerbell was
petite, and even though her paws were polydactyl, they looked dainty,
as the extra toes were like little thumbs on each hand.

One thing that wasn't dainty was her voice, and she used it often.  She
was a typical Siamese in that way.  Meowmie and daddy would ask her
why she was fussing and that would make her talk even more.  The
common phrase they would use with her was, "calm and serene, be
calm and serene," as they'd pick her up and carry her around trying to
make her be quiet.  She seemed to really want to communicate, and it
is very quiet around the habitat without her.

Tinkerbell was high strung and had a naughty habit of spraying even
though she was spayed.  One of her favorite places to do this was from
a perch daddy built which is by the gate that separates the cat-proof
kingdom from the front kingdom.  From that perch we can see out to
the front kingdom.  She'd spray out the gate onto the bench where the
humans like to sit to put their shoes on.  It kept meowmie busy wiping
the bench clean many days.

She had a special box that she loved to sleep in, and if any of the other
cats would get in it before her at night, she would raise a fuss, meowing
in her Siamese voice.  The humans would try and show her another bed
and she'd have none of that.  She wanted her bed and would not rest
until she got it.  That usually involved moving whoever was in it to a
different place.

Tinkerbell wasn't much of a hunter, preferring to relax in a spot of sun
rather than prowl around hunting.  One time when she was a baby
kitten she did hunt....a black widow spider!  One day meowmie saw her
playing with something in the kingdom and decided she'd better go
check on what it was.  Meowmie was horrified to see that it was a black
widow and was sure glad she'd gone out to look before anything bad

In her younger years she would terrorize most all of the kitties in the
habitat, jumping out unexpected with her tail puffed up.  When she'd
get the reaction she hoped for, she'd strut away and the look of
satisfaction showed clearly on her face.

Tinkerbell loved it when meowmie and daddy would work in the
kingdom because she could follow them around and tell them what had
been happening out there.  Not too many days before she made the
journey to rainbow bridge daddy had his kneeler out to use to pull
weeds on and he'd set it down, and before he knew it, Tinkerbell meat
loafed on it and then he couldn't use it.

A few days before she crossed, the humans had come home from
walking and Cocoa Puff, Stormy, and Tinkerbell (Honey Nut and I
were resting inside the castle) were in a circle around the tree looking at
something.  Meowmie is in the habit of finding out what is going on
with all of us, so went to see what the attraction was, and it was a small
lizard minus the tail.  It was amazing that Tinkerbell joined in to watch
this because she had been in failing health, but that didn't stop her
from making the most of every day.

All of us kitties had /have nicknames, but Tinkerbell had the most of
all of us.  The names that stuck were: Pinkie, Pink One, Jenny,
Jennifer, Bell, Bella, Stinker, and Stinker Bell.

Tinkerbell is buried in the back kingdom with the purr babies who
have gone to rainbow bridge before her.

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Witchiepoo's memorial pages.
Tinkerbell's Story
as Told by Her Sister
May 4, 1994 - April 21, 2010
Tinkerbell 8 weeks old