Sweet Pea was only with us for a short time.  She was born in
our backyard in a litter of four to an abandoned grey kitty that
we'd adopted a few weeks earlier.  Losing a kitten of less than
seven months of age was extremely sad and so unnatural.  Not
knowing for sure what was wrong with her was also very
troubling.  Going by what the vet said and what we observed, we
tend to think it was something genetic.  She seemed to stop
growing at about four months old.

The strange thing is, when she was born she was the biggest
kitten in the litter, not only bigger than her two sisters, but
bigger than her brother too. He soon overtook her in size, but
she remained bigger than her sisters up until she became ill.  
She was active and playful as a baby kitten, and delighted in
interacting with her brother and sisters.

Sweet Pea's nickname was Mia Junior because she looked so
much like her mother, Mama Mia.  We often said that it
appeared that Mia liked her the best and we wondered if it was
because they looked so much alike.

When she was about three months old she became lethargic and
wasn't eating, and that's when our journey of many vet visits,
stays at the pet hospital, medications, and tests began.  She
was a good traveler and didn't complain during her trips in the
car.  During those months, the only times she appeared healthy
was when she was on a certain antibiotic.  She'd eat and play
then, and we had some good weeks with her for which we've
very grateful.  It was also fortunate that she loved the taste of
her antibiotic and actually licked her lips each time we'd give it
to her.  She considered it a treat to take it.  We called it her

She was sweet and playful, and loved to eat.  She especially
loved kitty treats.  She knew when they'd be served, and also
when it was time for canned food, and she led the way to sit
patiently while it was being prepared.  She was always at the
front of the line.

Her favorite thing to do, besides eat, was watch a video made
for cats that shows birds, squirrels, bugs, and fish as birds
chirp loudly to attract attention.  Sweet Pea would sit
mesmerized at the t.v., and now and then, reach up to the
screen.  When she was out in the yard, her favorite activity was
climbing the tree.  She also loved to use the scratching posts.  
She was very well behaved for a kitten, usually following her
brother and sisters around observing their mischief.  Part of
the reason for that might have been her illness as she was
unwell for most of her life.

She loved to sleep in a fuzzy, round, yellow bed.  She'd curl up
in that and dream kitten dreams.  She also loved to have her
tummy scratched which we'd do for her at every opportunity.  

We wish she could have been with us much, much longer.  We
miss her terribly, and it has left a big void.  We don't
understand why this happened to our dear little Sweet Pea.  We
take comfort in knowing that she was met at the bridge by
Pepe, and all of the other Purr Babies who have gone before
her.  She is happy and healthy and able to enjoy being a kitten,
something we wish she could have done here with us, but it
wasn't meant to be.
Sweet Pea  
August 19, 2010 - March 10, 2011
Sweet Pea's Story
Sweet Pea
Four weeks old