Graphics From
Kitty Roach

Since Meowmie told me Santa
was coming I have been afraid
to go to sleep because I might
miss him!
Cocoa Puff
Honey Nut
I have the stockings hung and
I am not the least bit afraid of
missing Santa!
Mia and her little family (Cinderella, Elsa, and Prince
Poppycock) are happy to be spending another Christmas in
the Happy Habitat.
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Dolly blends right in with the Christmas
decorations.  They make her feel like making
a little mischief - hope Santa isn't looking.
Polly thinks her sister Dolly is about to be a
little naughty.  She plans to stick with her
three quiet friends so Santa will keep her on
the nice list.
Tiger Lily was already very excited about having
Christmas in the Happy Habitat, but when she discovered
that she had her own ornament she was filled with wide
eyed joy.
Wolfgang (aka Wolfie) is sure
that if he chews on this
reindeer's ear he will tell him
when Santa will be arriving and
what presents he is bringing
just for Wolfie.
Monkey wonders if chewing on
the Christmas tree will get her
the same information about
her presents. She thinks that
reindeer that Wolfie has must
taste better than this darn tree.
Bella doesn't think chewing on
reindeer ears or Christmas tree
limbs is going to help. She is
going to watch for Santa to
come down the chimney, not
withstanding the fact that we
don't have a chimney she will
be keeping a lookout for Santa.