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for the pretty flower!
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Kitty Clubs & Activities
These are the clubs I belong to, "Hope's
Club," "Cleo's World Club," and "CLAW".  
My Purr sisters and bothers are also in
Hope's Club.
(Links are in the club graphics.
CLAW activities begin on page 2.)
Hope's Club
Mommy and daddy helped us win
this medal for finding Hope's
I was honored to have been chosen The Pampered Princess of
May 1999 in Hope's Club!!!
Maybe you can be lucky and
find Hope (the Baby Cat) on
her couch like we did!
We attended Hope's great
birthday party on July 29,
1999. A good time was had by
This year Hope's party was at
the beach!  We all had lots
of fun playing in the sand!
To see what I have done in
Purr Scouts, click on graphic
To see what I have done in Paint
Shop Pro click on graphic
Simba received this award for
her Valentine salad recipe.  
You can see it and lots of
other holiday recipes by
clicking her award.
The Caption Contest
is challenging and
lots of fun!
Pepe was so proud to not only
win in her category but to win
3rd overall in the recital held
by some of her CLAW friends!
Pepe has fun thinking of
captions.  She thinks it's
even more fun when she wins!
This page chronicles the clubs I used to be active in.  Some have
closed, some are inactive.  Some of the links still work.  I had
lots of fun at all of them.

Gus, The
Theater Cat