Mia is keeping a
watchfull eye on her
kittens as they get ready
for Easter.  She is
guarding an egg for each
of them.  Cinderella,
Prince and Elsa are
looking forward to the
Easter bunny bringing
eggs and catnip candy.
Cocoa Puff and Honey Nut are not sure if what they heard  
about the Easter bunny coming soon is true.  If it is, then
they will need to figure out how to get their share of the
catnip candy from all those rascally kittens.
Dolly and Polly aren't too sure about all this talk they have been
hearing.  Easter bunny, eggs, and catnip candy.  They are going to be
on the lookout for any strange looking bunny kitties with a basket.
The Purr Babies found them all at the
Easter Egg Hunt.
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Tiger Lily wakes up to find what must be the Easter bunny and his side
kick sitting right next to her.  No basket, no eggs and no candy, but it
just has to be.  She is not sure how she is going to get word to Polly and
Dolly.  She has to figure out a way to let them know without scaring the
bunny off.  What can she do? OMG What can she do?
Bella, Wolfie and Monkey are in complete agreement. They have
taken valuable time out of their busy day of playing, now where
is the bunny?