Here are the members of
the Happy Habitat Family
Stormy, Cocoa, Honey, Mia, Cinderella,
Elsa, Prince, Big Boy, Polly & Dolly

Mr. Mistoffolees
On a hot summer night, July 22, 2007, mommy and daddy arrived
home after being out an hour, and as they got out of the truck
here was a Tuxedo kitten near the front door.  As they started to
look at this kitten, a second one, all striped and spotted
appeared!  They were both very friendly and sweet, about 8 weeks
old.  At first my mommy and daddy didn't know what to do about
these two new kittens, but of course it wasn't long until they
joined the family and began becomming as spoiled and pampered as
the rest of us.  We choose May 25 as their birthdays judging from
how old they were when they came here.  Mommy thinks someone
purposely dropped them off at our house knowing they would be
taken in.
Cocoa Puff
Honey Nut
1 yr. old
Mama Mia was living behind a fast food restaurant when she was
adopted in August 2010.  It was obvious that she had been dumped
and was not a feral.  After bringing her home, it was discovered
that she was pregnant.  Two weeks later her kittens were born.  The
whole family became members of the habitat.  They are: Prince
Poppycock (front), Elsa (center), Cinderella (left), & Mia (right).
Mia and Babies
Polly and Dolly at
approximately 4 weeks old  
These two little ladies were abandoned.  Late
on May 13, 2012 "Mother's Day" they climbed our
patio screen with their tiny little claws and
meowed real loud, "Please let us in."  How
could we refuse such cuties as these?  If you
look close at Polly's paws you'll see she has
some extra toes.  We have no idea how they came
to us, but we are happy that they did
This is Tiger Lily. She arrived at the kingdom on May 6, 2016,
just two weeks after Bear went to the bridge. She didn't want to
leave, so of course we adopted her, and we feel certain that Bear
had a hand/paw in sending her to us. It's a mystery where she
came from. A very tiny cat, we thought she was just a kitten, but
the vet said she is a year and a half old. We took her to be
spayed and they discovered a scar, and said she had already been
spayed which made for an even bigger mystery. Whatever her
circumstances were, we're glad she ended up here!   
Dolly and Polly all grown up.
The newest members of
Purr Babies Happy Habitat
are from a litter of kittens
born in Human granny's
Wolfgang (Wolfie for short)
Bella and Monkey. They are
having a blast in their new
home. Human granny
adopted two others.
You can see them on our
friends page. The humans
only managed to adopt out
one kitten. Very hard to
find homes for kittens, but
their loss is our gain. Meow!