This is my special friend Puffer. We met in the spring of 1999.  
That was the start of our friendship.  In February 2000 he asked
me to be his Valentine and his Wink Wink. We are very happy, may
it always be so!
This is our special friend and
Mickey's Wink Wink!  They met on
Kitty Chat in the fall of 2000 and
hit it off right away.  After just
a few dates they became Wink Winks
on New Year's Day 2001!  Click on
his picture to see the special page
he made for her.
Jasper went to Rainbow Bridge
Dec.15, 2002.  He was 18 years old.
To see his Memorial made by his
family click on Angel Jasper.
One of my friends, Yogi, sent
me this lovely flower!
Bitsy lived next door at human granny's house.  She stayed inside most of
the time, only venturing out to the patio and small yard for short visits.

Bitsy was found fending for herself on the streets.  A kind couple took her
in and made sure she was fit and well, got her spayed, and found her a
forever home with granny.

Mommy visited Bitsy each day, and when granny was away, she baby-set for
her.  Bitsy got very sad when granny left and would not act normal till
granny's return, even though mommy tried to do everything to make her
happy.  She hid very well and mommy had to spend lots of time trying to
locate her.   You might say that she was a one person cat.

She Passed to Rainbow Bridge July 16, 2018

The Railway Cat
Human granny has adopted this lovely stray kitty and has
named her "Cry Baby" because she follows her around the
backyard meowing. Not long after granny started caring
for her, Cry Baby turned up pregnant and on June 16, 2018
she gave birth to six sweet kittens.
It's kind of hard to tell, but here is
"Cry Baby" with her six little bundles of
joy on the day they were born.
Cry Baby
Human granny has adopted two of Cry Baby's kittens!
This is Lacey (left) and Bro (right). They have
their forever home with their mommy, Cry Baby,
where they will live happily ever after.