Every Halloween needs a witch and
Cocoa Puff was ready to cast a spell
on her first Halloween. (2007)

It seems her spells may have
extended to the Costume Contest
judges in 2011.
Honey Nut wanted to
wear a costume and
didn't she look sweet.  
But don't be fooled, she
could be quite
mischievous when she
wanted to be. (2008)
Cocoa Puff wore a skull
collar that made her
look extra spooky.
Check out this great party and
Cocoa Puff says she will
do almost anything for
treats, even wear a silly,
yet cute costume like
this one.
Honey Nut looked
spooky and scary in
her skull collar hiding
amongst her four
friends ready to scare
up some treats.  (2009)
Mia keeps a
mommy's watchful
eye on her little
tricksters as they
enjoy Halloween.
Baa! Baa! Prince is his new
friend Maeve's little lamb,
and they were one of the
favorites of the Costume
Contest judges.
Mia accompanies Cinderella
as her Fairy Godmother
Elsa as Tinkerbell
looked high and low
before finding her new
friend Peter Pan, AKA
What do they mean by go trick or
?  I thought all of the treats
were being brought to us in the Kingdom,
and I don't want any tricks.  I'm going to
keep an eye on him cause he has some
strange ideas.
Don't worry Dolly if anyone
tries to get us to go out of the
Kingdom to do any trick or
treating I will take care of
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The Peanuts Gang
Honey Nut thinks
being at a Luau
would be a lot more
fun than putting up
with trick or
treaters.  She likes
to keep all her treats
for herself.
Cocoa Puff says she
will use her royal staff
to thump any trickers
that try to get her
Cinderella says, If this
ghost thinks he is
going to scare any
treats out of me he is
sadly mistaken
Elsa figures that if she
stays real still everyone
will think it's just three
statues sitting here.  At
the last second she will
pounce on them and
take all of their treats.
Prince is thinking of all
the pumpkin pies this
thing will make.
Come experience Supercat's
thrilling Halloween tale...... if
you dare!
Dolly and Polly were elated and
quite proud of their first place
finish in the 2013 costume contest.
Shamus Blue, a long time
friend of the Purr Babies,
sent this spooky card for
them to enjoy.

on Parade
Who needs a costume when you've got this kind of style.  
Besides Boo here likes me just the way I am.  He says we
are going to sneak out later to go trick or treating.  I'm not
sure what trick or treating is, but it sounds like fun. The
way he was talking I hope Boo isn't thinking about leaving
the kingdom because if he is I can't go.
Wolfgang says he is all ready for
those trick or treaters.  He says if
they come too close he will bite them
with his fangs and suck their blood.
Ha!  Ha!  Ha!  Ha!  No not really, he
says that doesn't sound fun at all.  
Hopefully they won't come too close.
Meowmie told Monkey that her
costume was so cute that she
would get lots and lots of treats.  
She doesn't question that her
cuteness, with or without a
costume, will get her a lot of
treats, she just hopes that none of
her friends on instagram see her
like this.
Bella isn't too sure about this
costume that Meowmie picked out
for her.  With all these skulls flying
around her how are any treats going
to get close enough for her to snatch
them.  Besides they are kinda
making her feel a little dizzy.