Meet My
Mommy &
This is me and my mommy.  I love my mommy.  She is very kind, and
loves all creatures, especially kitties.  Not only does she take super care
of me and my purr sisters and brothers, but also feeds wild strays each

Mommy doesn't want us to hurt birdies, mice or other creatures, but
sometimes we like to hunt.  When we do, we have to "catch and
release" so mommy won't get upset.
Mona & Pepe
Dennis & Mickey
This is daddy holding my big sister, Mickey, outside in our kingdom.  
Daddy is very handy around here.  He built the special fence we have
around our yard, and has also made great scratching posts, platforms for
us to sit on up high, and even little stairways and ramps for the tree and
high platforms.

I'll tell you a big secret about my daddy, and that is he didn't used to
like kitties at all!  He had never even had one, so didn't realize how
great we are!  Mommy always loved kitties and started moving them in
as soon as she could, and daddy changed his mind immediately after the
first one came through the front door.
The kitten boiled the tropical fish,
Almost.  Turned their heater up to 86.
Ever see a fish sweat?
That's not all-
She ate the flowers off four African violets,
One, a Parson's Blessing I'd waited months
To see in bloom.  Then she gave them back
Unchewed and largely unwilted
Beside my bowl of Cream of Wheat.
There's more-
She licked a new stick of butter,
Now striated with a hundred tiny barbs,
And dammed if she didn't turn around and lick
A whole sheet of 18 cent stamps.
I found the missing edge piece
From my Tolkien puzzle under the couch
The two little heads chewed off.
Late for my aerobic class, I grabbed
For the laces on my tennis shoes
Gnawed off at the first eyelet.
Yet here she sleeps in her kitten sleep,
Breath so bad from teething
That her yawn brings me gasping
From my sleep.
Why do I live with this?
She stretches, one paw aiming for my nose.
The answer from her slit green eyes is sure:
What else are people for
By: Karen Papouchado
Now I lay me down to nap,
I pray you'll keep me on your lap.
I close my eyes and begin to dream,
of birds and fish, and a dish of cream.
If heaven calls me before I wake,
I pray the lord my soul to take
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The Journey
To The
Heaviside Layer
Mona & Pepe
Dennis Stormy & Simba