Polly hopes she doesn't have to share her
holiday treats with this new kitty.
Dolly feels all grown up and beautiful in her
red, white, and blue pearls.
Cinderella keeps seeing new kitties and hopes
they won't be horning in on her treats.
Prince asked this new kitty if he could borrow his
flag and hat so he could get all dressed up and go
with Tiger Lily to the parade.
Elsa figures if these pearls are real she can
cash them in for lots of Fancy Feast.
Mia says this is as close as she gets to standing
at attention, so get over it.
Honey Nut isn't so sure about this one size fits all hat.  It looks
real good, but she says it's hard to see out of and it wrinkles her
Cocoa Puff is exhausted after trying on all the hats in Dad's
closet.  She came up with this one, but is too tired to put it on.
Tiger Lily doesn't think this parade is moving fast
This is Tiger Lily's forth July 4th as a Purr Baby and she is all
set for the fireworks to begin. She doesn't like the loud noise
but loves the bright colors in the sky.
Monkey is keeping an eye on the sky. She is a little worried
about which comes first, the loud noise or the bright lights.
In any case, she thinks she will follow mommy's advice and
come inside the house when it all starts.
Bella thinks the best plan is to stay inside
so you don't have to run to the safety of
the house.
Wolfie thinks his sister Monkey has a real
good plan, see bright lights or hear loud noise,
head for the house.