Don't Worry
Be Happy
The Nip Nog sure seemed like a good idea last
night.  I wonder how long it will be before I can
get my other eye open?
From the looks of everyone I sure am
glad I didn't have any of that Nip Nog
I'll keep a squinty eyed lookout till we
can recover from that Nip Nog.
I tried to tell you to stay away from the Nip Nog, but
no, you wouldn't listen to your mother would you.
From the looks of everyone but Cindy, I sure am glad
Meowmie didn't let me have any of that Nip Nog.
Maybe if we keep our eyes closed nobody will bother us for long
enough that the darn Nip Nog will wear off.
If you can see me then you have
had way too much Nip Nog
Cocoa Puff
Honey Nut and Elsa
Prince Poppycock and Mia
Tiger Lily
Polly and Dolly
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Wolfgang, Monkey and Bella
Nip nog..... Nip nog..... It doesn't sound bad, but
Monkey got a hold of some and she is passed out.  
Wolfie and I are worried about her and both of us
think we should take Tiger Lily's advice and stay away
from it.