Don't Worry
Be Happy
Mommy calls this stuff snow.  It looks
fluffy and warm like my blankie but
feels wet and cold like when I stepped
in the water dish.  I guess that's why
everyone else is inside smiling and
looking at me.
It's a lot warmer in my daddy's
arms then it is standing around
in this snow stuff.  I sure am
glad it rarely snows here.
I think these are some of
my daddy's friends from
work.  He said they get a
little wild and have fun
this time of year.  I
remember when I was wild
and It wasn't much fun.
Here they are
again counting
down the
minutes till
the new year.
My mommy and daddy said that some people don't
have anybody to bring in the new year with.  
All us kitties have to do our part to keep
them company and show them it's not just a new
year but a new beginning.
Pepe was right about
this snow stuff.  What
I need now is a lift
from my mom or dad
Pepe's friend
Puffer gave her
this special basket!
This is a party Pepe &
Stormy attended!
Pepe and her wink Shamus Blue
really had fun when they
attended this great party.
I wonder if my
sister is up here in
the tree.  This
white stuff makes it
real hard to see
What is my sister
doing going up in
the tree.  I told
her I was going to
be over here.
Pepe received this
really nice card
from her wink Shamus
Big Boy / Bear
I'll never touch another drop of Nip Nog.  At least
not until next year.