Our Award for You
The Purr Babies are easy to please.  If you have
something on your site that makes them purr, they
will gladly honor your request for this award.

They like cat related sites, and sites that
promote the welfare of cats.  They also love
music and fun, and pretty graphics and pictures,
and like to be able to find their way around

To request our award:

1.  Send an e-mail message stating why your site,
or a site you are recommending, would qualify for
this award.

2.  Include the URL of the site so that the Purr
Babies can visit.

3.  Sign our guestbook.

You will be notified by e-mail if you are chosen
to receive the award. We will add your site's
name to the award before sending it to you.

After receiving the award, please link it back to
Purr Babies Happy Habitat.
These Sites Have Received Our Award
Kitty Cats 3
Adventures With Jessie

Ruth The Cat's Feline Page
Catt's Porch
Linda's Place
The Bryant Homepage
Calvin & Sabrina's Meowy World
Madam Troublinski, The Mystic Cat
The Tyger's Den
Spoiled Kitty
Tuxedo Junction
Skylar's Home Page
Categorically Speaking
Buddha "Buddee" Gill's Home Page
Cleo's World
Lynda's Purrfect Babies
Yang The Cat
The Cosgrove Page